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Senior Citizen Center

18 November 2017

In the post-independence era, senior citizens’ welfare has increasingly become neglected. While Armenia struggles to maintain its social services and safety net, growing old can be a trying experience for those lacking means, knowledge, or family support.

Bearing this in mind, the Foundation developed a Senior Citizen Center in the late 1990s. The project’s primary goal was to combat social isolation and to develop existing mechanisms to reintegrate elderly people (both refugees and non-refugees) into society. The project’s activities aimed at creating conditions in which beneficiaries could communicate with each other and with the broader society.

The project’s beneficiaries were 400 elderly residents of the Shengavit and Kanaker-Zeytun districts of Yerevan. These residents gained a chance to meet regularly in the comfortable Senior Citizen Center, to talk with each other and to share their daily problems. Each meeting was accompanied by a hot meal. In addition to social workers, the center also provided a physician and ophthalmologist for consultation, check-ups and primary health-care services.


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