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“Back to Nature” Summer Camp

01 September 2017

This project was carried out in 2001-02 by the “Shen” non-governmental organization and the “Meghvik” Children’s Education Center of Gyumri. “Shen” reconstructed a nearby village school, converting into a well-furnished campsite, while also building a barn and bee-keeping facilities for the camp.

Over two years, about 300 children of vulnerable families spent their summer vacations at the camp. Some children even became engaged in farming, as a small nearby farm provided the camp with dairy products, eggs and honey.

Following each camping season, inhabitants of the village were placed in charge of the farm and its livestock. In exchange for care of the animals, villagers were given two-thirds of the dairy products and half the newborn animals.

After two successful years, the project attracted new investors and has since spun off. Since then, this once-abandoned village has become a base for developing livestock and cheese production, thus attracting new residents.

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